NFT Ecosystem & GameFi
While many realize the potential of NonFungible Tokens, they still haven’t reached their full impact on the Ethereum network.
This is partly due to high gas fees and a few technical limitations that prevent them from reaching their true potential.
The first step in making NFTs a truly vital part of the DeFi economy is to ensure that they can generate earnings for their holders, which is still only dependent on market value.
With the possibility of collateralizing NFTs to take out debt, renting them out for set or variable rates, and trading them on an open exchange, the potential use cases within SQUIDLORDS and future and future games are endless.


After a lot of careful consideration, Squid Games has unveiled a way to truly incentivize gamers and platform users for their time spent playing.
This method is Squids, a token designed to reward all key stakeholders of the gaming ecosystem.
Squids will be introduced via SQUIDLORDS, as a way to reward all players who prove themselves worthy.
This token will be the way for most players to experience the true power of DeFi gaming in a fun and user-friendly way.
Various ways to stake, borrow, and utilize Squids will be released periodically to players as the ecosystem grows.
More plans soon ...
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