Participants in the DAO will be owners and managers of the entire ecosystem of the SquidGame. Decision making will be prorated based on a participant’s ownership to the overall DAO through a SQUIDGAME token ownership. Tokens will represent voting rights in the DAO.
Token Rewards
● The community will vote to switch on the feature of distributing token rewards to token holders. This is where we will introduce staking vaults to receive the rewards directly through smart contracts into their accounts. Mechanics of the distribution will be subject to proposal submission. The intention is to create staking vaults to earn rewards from the network as an APY.
● SquidGame will eventually release various staking vaults allowing token stakes to earn rewards ranging from SquidGame’s overall activities to a specific activity.
● The mechanics of staking vaults that SquidGame launches will be posted on SquidGame’s official website and blog channels.
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